Julie Stroud

Author – Speaker – Coach
(847) 942-1554

Looking for a different women’s event? Feed the intellect, stir the soul, and walk away with practical life application. With a sisterly warmth and candor, Julie shares from the deep well of a life lived in Christ while keeping it relevant. Julie’s fervent passion is for every woman to be sold out to an exciting and purposeful lifelong faith walk with Christ… just what you’d want for the women attending your event!

Author of Vision: The Blueprint for Life-Building and certified life coach, her material features foundational elements and a clear call to action.
Audience members learn and laugh and leave with intention.

Contact Julie to create a women’s ministry event that will be fun and memorable, inspiring and challenging.

One-Hour Programs
Rising to the Occasion

How do we tap the courage to step out of our comfort zone and find the bravery to act boldly? The remarkable story of Esther is just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. Esther’s story beckons the questions: Do I trust God wholeheartedly in word and deed? Through Esther we learn that God uses ordinary people for His extraordinary purposes.

Get Yourself, Get Others, and Get Along Better with Everyone

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the new IQ. In this lively workshop, learn The Color Code Personality Profile, an easy and memorable tool that really works. Participants gain a greater understanding of themselves and their relationships. The Color Code is fun and easy to understand and integrate into everyday life.

One-Hour Topics or Half-Day Workshops
Creating a Vision Board: His Banner Over Us is Love

What is a vision board and how can Christian women use one in a God-honoring way? Discover the framework of four pillars, the Paradoxes of Promise, to help women create life visions (or goals) that are pleasing to God. Indeed, our life is “hidden in Christ” and as we grow in Christlikeness, the things we desire start reflecting more of His character. In the one hour overview, these topics will be discussed; in the half day workshop women will also create their vision board

Discover Your Brilliance

Jesus tells us to shine our light in this dark world and for the glory of God. This program helps participants assess their gifting, see their uniqueness in a new context, and make decisions for serving in the church or a purposeful career. The one hour program reveals fresh and motivating concepts; the extended version allows time to complete assessments and break into small groups.