Find Your Calling

How to Know Your Calling Really is Your Calling

You’ve got one life and you want it to matter. You want to make a difference.  How do you know what you want is what God wants for you? Here is some direction to help you determine your calling.

What “calling” really means.

Perhaps the most famous account of calling is God calling Moses at the Burning Bush. If only it were that obvious to all of us – an audible voice, an obvious sign, and a clear directive.

Scripture makes clear that purposeful work is holy.   In his book, God at Work, Gene Edward Veith says, “The doctrine of vocation has to do with the mystery of individuality, how God creates each human being to be different from all the rest and gives each a unique calling in every stage of life.”

The truth is, we are given multiple callings.  We have callings in the workplace, the home, community, church, and so on. Much of it, we do not choose, they are gifted to us, such as our family members. Being in relationship, loving and serving family is a holy calling.

As entrepreneurs, we want a calling that compels us.  We want life purpose and passion.

But how do you find your fit?

Conversations with friends, mentors, teachers and pastors help us confirm hunches and open our eyes. Life circumstances and open doors also lead us down paths. God works through other people and external means to show us the way.

Dr. Dorena DellaVecchio, creator of the Motivational Gifts Test, states the puzzle pieces surrounding the topic of calling.

  • Gifts are what a person does and how their strengths are exercised such as performing or teaching.
  • Calling is where a person does their work – a classroom, a boardroom, a firehouse, a stadium or a stage.
  • Personality gives more definition to the calling, such as an interior decorator who prefers to shop with their client because they are outgoing and like to be with people.

Do you know your gifts?  If you do not, take an inventory such as the one mentioned above.  Have you considered your natural abilities and interests?  Now’s the time to note these things. Realize that no one else can fulfill your calling but you.  No one is going to bring your gifting and personality to the task in your unique way.

Start experimenting and taking steps. Callings are not discovered only as a soul-searching activity. You’ve got to get into action. You hold the keys in your hand.  Begin opening doors and see what is there.  It can be downright scary trying new things. It can be uncomfortable being unsure of yourself. You want to be competent, confident, and certain. But how can you become competent without practice?

The secret is in your attitude, as it is in most everything.  Have fun! The point of trying new things is to find your fit and fine-tune your calling.  Oftentimes, people are impressed when someone is stretching themselves and learning new things. Remember to have fun!  If you’re not having fun, how will you be able to answer this very important question:

What brings you joy?

Yes, that is the litmus test.  You were made in the image of the Creator and you have all kinds of potential.  You can go a bunch of different directions in life because you are smart and capable and have natural talent.  Ultimately, our calling is to bring glory to God.  How you exactly you do that is a choice.   What do you choose?

Written By Julie Stroud

Julie Stroud is the Founder and President of Fervent Coaching. With two decades’ experience as a work at home mom and solopreneur, Julie brings experience, wisdom, and education to the clients she serves.  Through coaching and training, Fervent Coaching equips and inspires Christian entrepreneurial women to be God’s best in the marketplace.

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