3 Reasons to Build Your Business Now

Don’t Put It Off Any Longer – Why You Should Build Your Business Now

Have you been on the sidelines with your business, not really playing all in?  Dabbling drains your drive.  Half-heartedness is like a slow drip.  What is really needed is a firehose of power, or at least the steady stream of a garden hose.  Kick it into high gear with these three compelling reasons to build your business big and build it now.

  1. Women are under-earning and ill-prepared financially.  Don’t be one of them.  Use your gifts and experience to make a living and take care of yourself and your family.  According to a 2016 report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, full time female workers earn 82% compared to their male counterparts’ earnings.   Over the span of a woman’s life, this equates to a pay gap of $400,000 or greater.  Think of the decreased retirement savings based on lower salaries and gaps in working years.  Worse yet, a March 2016 Money Magazine article notes 38% of women have no retirement savings.  You may think these are unimportant statistics if you are married or already have savings behind you, but what if your life suddenly changed due to death, divorce, or disability?  Keeping your skills and certifications, improving yourself, staying in the game, and continuing to earn an income throughout your lifetime increases earning and saving potential. Getting your business off the ground and profitable can make the difference both today and in your retirement years.
  2. God wants you to partner with Him to make the Gospel known in the world.  He is a God of relationship and desires to be in relationship with each person whom He has created.  Through salvation in Christ, we have access to God. And once we are saved, we are called to participate in a full life of faith.  The doctrine of vocation that came about with the Reformation asserts each individual’s uniqueness and value, and therefore, each person’s calling toward the glory of God.  Martin Luther emphasized vocation as an opportunity for God to do move in and through His people.  Our participation in the marketplace is more than trading goods and services for money, but a manifestation of God’s goodness and mercy. Our work is an opportunity to love our neighbor.  With each smile and kind transaction, we are participating in God’s common grace over humanity.  With each innovation, we reveal God’s abundance and provision.  Taking your business idea from the confines of your head, your laptop, the walls of your home out to the marketplace is an opportunity to be a missionary of sorts.
  3. Time is of the essence as fewer people profess any faith.  According to a January 2018 Christian Post article, Gen Z is the least Christian generation in American history.  The Barna Group reveals a mere 4 out of 100 young people identify as Christian.  Born between 1999 and 2015, Gen Z teens reveal astonishing changes in American shifting values and insights regarding religion. 35% of Gen Z teens identify as atheist, agnostic, or not affiliated with any religion.  This is up from polls of Millenials and each preceding generation. A Christian’s participation in the marketplace is vital. Every connection and conversation can reveal the truth and lead people to Christ. If you write, speak, or serve with a direct Christian message, the world needs to hear it.  No one can share the Gospel the way you can.  What can you do to make a difference in the lives around you and turn hearts toward the Lord?

Stepping fully into your calling and kicking your business into high gear is good for you in this life, your life to come, and for more followers in eternity.  What better reason to work?  Move confidently forward, putting fear and doubt and any questions aside.

1 Thessalonians 5:24 promises “The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.”

What will you do today to live out your calling?

Written By Julie Stroud

Julie Stroud is the Founder and President of Fervent Coaching. With two decades’ experience as a work at home mom and solopreneur, Julie brings experience, wisdom, and education to the clients she serves.  Through coaching and training, Fervent Coaching equips and inspires Christian entrepreneurial women to be God’s best in the marketplace.

Are you a Christian woman entrepreneur with a story of personal and/or professional overcoming?  Or does your ministry or business have a strong give-back component that is making a difference locally and/or globally?  If you would like your story considered for this blog and upcoming book, contact Julie Stroud at julie@ferventcoaching.com.