The Five Experts Every Small Business Owner Needs on Their Team

Every entrepreneur needs relationships with experts they can call as needed or have on retainer.  Because doing it all is not only exhausting, demanding, and lonely but doing it all yourself also limits your business in numerous ways. The Jack-of-all-Trades Conundrum. Most small business owners get started working independently after developing expertise and a subject […]


When to Delegate Tasks and Engage Experts

You’ve broken out on your own as an entrepreneur!  You feel like a renegade, blazing a trail into the great adventure of your life.  The entrepreneur in you is liberated from the 9 to 5 life. That is until you realize the trappings of the self-employed life. It’s you. Just you. All you. Everyone Needs […]

Marketing to the customer transformation

Everyone has something that is not perfect in their world. Everyone has a problem to solve. Everyone has a transformation they long for. Our job as business owners is to bring the problem to the light of day through our marketing message. Agitate the problem, so to speak. As an honest businessperson, sometimes that seems […]

How to Never Sell Again

Sales and marketing are two of the most important functions of your business. We carefully plan with sales in mind and track marketing metrics. So much hinges upon achieving sales goals. But here’s the truth: most people don’t love to sell. And most people don’t like being sold to. But we all love to buy. […]