Partner with Julie Stroud to create a women’s ministry event that will be fun and memorable, inspiring and challenging.  With a sisterly warmth and candor, Julie shares from the deep well of a life lived in Christ and the bedrock of biblical truth.  Julie came to coaching, writing, and speaking after a successful 17-year career in direct sales and 10 years in training and development.   Julie’s fervent passion is for women to discover and engage their gifts and live the abundant life Jesus offers.  Choose one of these topics below for a one-hour program, or reach out for a custom delivery to light up your women’s ministry event.

The Big Ah-ha of Understanding the Personalities…

Get Yourself, Get Others, Get Along, and Get Going with God’s Purposes

Understanding the personalities through this easy to remember and fun format, The Color Code, brings clarity and self-awareness and transforms relationships.  Red, blue, yellow, or white – determine easily and quickly each personality and the natural strengths and weaknesses and communication and behavior styles.  This is a fun look at people and relationships, and motivating as well because participants can put to use this learning immediately.

This talk can be a one-hour fast paced and lively overview, a two or three-hour workshop, or the theme of a retreat. 

Fervent Living… White Hot Faith

[fur-vuh nt]  adjective.  1. having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm, etc.

  1. hot; burning; glowing.

You were made uniquely in God’s image and for His Glory.  From the moment we trust Christ as our Savior, He becomes our hidden treasure, a little flame burning inside.  How do we fan into a flame a life that burns white hot for Christ?  How do we keep that light on fire day after day, year after year?  Julie leads your audience through Paul’s instructions to the early church (namely, Romans 12).  Prayer, uncovering our gifting, serving, fellowshipping, worshipping, and resting are covered in this inspiring talk.

Overcoming… Stories of Perseverance and Blessing

This talk covers stories of contemporary women and stories of biblical women who faced adversity, leaned on the Lord, and overcame.   Women will be reminded of the Armor of Truth as they hear stories of others who have faced hardships and later experienced the blessings of remaining in the Lord through the storms.   This talk will leave women with the certainty that they can face any challenge the Lord allows onto their path.