97 Ways to Get Business Now – For the Direct Seller

Learn how to book parties, events, appointments, and income-generating, business-building, bottom-line increasing selling and recruiting events.  I’ll give you the words to say so you can get business on the calendar.  Blow the lid off your results this selling season!  Sell and earn more than you ever have!

Learn How To:

  • Fill your calendar with an endless fount of ideas with the words to say.
  • Be confident.  Be happy. Be a winner with big paychecks and rewards.

So you’re in the home party business!  You love and you’re motivated by…

  • The wonderful products
  • The fun & socializing
  • The money, trips & incentives

And why not?  These things are unashamedly what the direct sales business is all about, at the heart of it all.

The thing is, at certain points, it stops being all fun and games and the role of “home party rep” can resemble more of a “J.O.B.”.  Sometimes, you have to work at getting business on the books, submitting sales, and recruiting other reps.  It’s not always easy as pie.

If you were just given bookings, things would be perfect!  But the reality is, you experience business as touch-and-go.  And with that, your income goes up and down.  If there was a way to have a steady stream of leads and a steady (and growing) paycheck from your home party business, you’d be thrilled.  But it is eluding you.

What you need is a steady fount of ideas with the words to say and some detail for the idea.  You need systems to keep you on track.  And you need a friend to come alongside you to help you get the job done.

Here’s what one direct sales leader had to say about it:

cindy-lee“I loved 97 Ways to Get Business Now!  Julie gave an action plan with actual steps to take.  It helps a rep think positively, “here is what I can do.”  There are so many different ideas reps can tap into and expand upon.  A lot of meat, not just theory.”

Cindy Lee, Mt. Airy Travel

These strategies are unique, tested, and proven… by me!  I know these strategies work!

Maximize your bookings, your earnings, and your leads, and recruit more reps, too.

We’ll cover all these mindset topics as a foundation.  And then we’ll cover:

  • Theme parties galore
  • Fundraisers
  • Speaking events as a way to serve the community and fill your pipeline with more leads.
  • Getting yourself and your unique story featured by bloggers and reporters.
  • Power partnering with local businesses and become known as resource in your community.
  • Bridal events – both big and small.
  • Fairs of all kinds.
  • Customer care with greater purpose and bottom line results.
  • Shopping events with pizzazz.
  • Doubling your parties through this one hostess coaching question few reps ever ask.
  • … and more.

This program also includes self-reflection questions, room to create your action plans, and forms that will help you put these ideas into practice and integrate into your business.

You will have a timeless resource at your fingertips whenever you need it.  Ideas galore to put into action just when you want to earn more money, earn a trip, or a promotion!

Here’s what people are saying:

“This is one of the most useful products I’ve come across.  I was surprised at how much content there is, and I’ve bought alisa-owen lot of training programs before.  I love how there is a lot of training about how to book business now, not just future dates.  Julie teaches a very comfortable manner to book people now, where you are interested in the other person, and yet moving the hostess to book a date.  This will get reps’ calendars booked.  This product helped me achieve a national sales award with my company!”

– Lisa Owen, Director with Scentsy

cheryl-massey“Learning about “communicating with certainty” opened my eyes. It made me think about what I really want to accomplish with large special events. The action plans included in this program have been an important planning tool for me. Never before have I planned a complete strategy to leverage an event for my business’s greater good. I am ready for great results and ready to take my business to the next level!”

-Cheryl Massey, Team Leader with Nerium

That’s right, it’s just $27.  Kick off your new success strategies in a big way!  I want to give value and partner with leaders in this amazing direct sales industry to create real results.  This is training that has the potential to make a HUGE impact on your business forever.  Of course, you have to apply what you’re learning.  I’m here for you and I want you to win!


97 Ways to Get Business Now ebook and audio

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AND 5 Steps to FAB Fundraisers – FREE!

Download Your Set Now for Just $27

And while this excellent resource is priced very low, I have a 30-Day guarantee to eliminate any worry. Get your copy, get into action, and get results.  If you don’t book one more party or event after reading this, email me and I will personally see to it that you get your money back.

This program is not for hobbyists.  This program is not for those who are ok with earning a little here and a little there… money for small pleasures like manicures and lunch out.  If you don’t have a desire to earn a steady and growing paycheck, then don’t invest the money in this program.  Enjoy your part time hobby, it’s ok!

You know, the direct sales industry is enormous.  Over 28 billion in sales in the US alone!  There are millions of direct sales reps out there, most of whom are just feeling their way through their business, or not even treating it as a business but more like a hobby.  Be one of the few who use the strategies of a pro.  Rise to the top… be a standout!

Take control of how much you want to make.  Decide today!  Stop hoping the next season will be great, start doing it today.

Do not wait another minute to have a full calendar, a big paycheck, and earn the trips and awards that are yours for the earning.  Begin today.  Claim what is yours.

If you don’t acquire your copy of 97 Ways to Get Business Now, will you be floundering for business tomorrow?  Do you know where your next selling event is coming from, or how you will meet your next new representative?  What will you say when the opportunity arises?

I love what the home party business does for people!  Let’s create something pretty amazing together – for you & for your future!

Special Bonuses:

  • Event Planning Checklist
  • 5 Step System for FAB Fundraisers

When you invest in this program, you will receive 2 BONUSES.  Get our handy Event Planning Checklist and learn my 5 Steps for FAB Fundraisers!  I want you to win and I want to help the non-profits of the world.  With my 5 step system, you can raise the roof with sales that you’ve only dreamed of ‘til now.

Here’s whadiane-hastingst one more direct sales leader has to say.

“Julie has a track record of fabulous fundraisers herself and teaches a simple 5 step system.  Fundraisers are great for the community, great for business, and great for the paycheck!  I’m thrilled to introduce my team to this simple system!”

– Diane Hastings, Team Leader with Seacret    


97 Ways to Get Business Now ebook and audio

PLUS! Receive my Exclusive Events Checklist
AND 5 Steps to FAB Fundraisers – FREE!

Download Your Set Now for Just $27